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Apr 24

Anonymous asked: Dude, what is obito's deal? Is there any other explanation as to why he went so bat shit insane after he watched rin die


Madara rescued him from the murder rock and manipulated him for at least a couple of weeks before he witnessed Rin’s death, does that count? 

I still think the way Kishi did it sucked. And this comes from somebody who always believed Tobi was Obito. I thought somebody was either using his body or he had lost his memories.

It was worse.

don’t let me get started on how Kishimoto treated Rin


I just died 😳

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Anonymous asked: How would you feel if your were offered to draw and have a limited amount of creative input on a Bat comic, but still had to draw the latest DC shit?


Besides I’d suck at it, I can’t draw comics.

Anonymous asked: I'm gonna laugh so hard if Yamato ends up being the one who saves Sakura. He's been gone so long...I seriously want some panel time with him and Hashirama discussing their wood. What do you think?

discussing their wood


isn’t there a theory about yamato being part of black zetsu now?

you may be right



Jabberwocky - Game Cinematic (unreleased) by Blur Studios.

Love it.

Please tell me there’s more!!!!

Princess Odette

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The Emotional Spectrum

Awesome manips! Also props for the ROYGBIV sort from one extreme end of the corp variations to the other.

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Anonymous asked: Kishi focuses on Team 8: Long range mission trying to hunt down Sasuke of course. They track him down to lets say the Naruto bridge when they're trying to get the Zabuza sword, and Hinata admires Naruto for helping the people. Kiba says he's awesome and will have his own super bridge, and Shino makes a joke about needing a bridge for people to remember him. Long story short, it ends up focusing on Naruto trying to get back Sasuke and they have a fight on the bridge. The end.


Apr 23

Anonymous asked: I really loved that Ms. Marvel fan art you posted earlier. Is there any chance of seeing more of that from you? Hopefully this doesn't sound rude

Thank you, anon!

Probably. I did several sketches of her. If I have time I’ll clean them up. And don’t worry, you are not being rude!

Lupita Nyong’o for People Magazine’s Most Beautiful

Lupita Nyong’o for People Magazine’s Most Beautiful

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