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Dec 6


Alright so I was at the doctor today and was told that I am allowed to draw again as long as I keep my wrist elevated. I shouldn’t be worried about my tendinitis at all, so that’s good ~ v u v and I got some pills to take the pain in my elbow, and in 5 days time, everything should be fine again c: 

SO tomorrow starts the day where I crawl into my study cave for 15 days and work on a big project for school haha, so I wanted to sketch a bit before that c:

I’ve been trying to think of a way to draw human Bunnymund, and really- the person that reminds me most of a human bunnymand is of course Hugh Jackman, so I drew him based on him. And I like drawing him with a hat sssh

then are some concepts for my HS AU with them all. I’m going to draw the rest of the guardians as well, and probably Pitch to *__* / 
And the last one is just derpy chibies asldkja  

I’m glad you are feeling better <3

there are adorable!

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