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Aug 25
dad thinks i’m too short. my sensei thinks i’m too “girly.” but just like the principles of jujitsu — i use their expectations against them. that will be their w e a k n e s s. not mine.
batgirl: year one, vol 1

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Aug 24


Batgirls! I did Babs and most of Steph’s back when I did these, and only just now got around to finishing Steph and doing Cass.

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Aug 11

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Aug 8


Batman: Gotham Adventures #14

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Aug 1

ohemjeessica said: How do you feel about the new batgirl design and creative team?


Mm. Well, aesthetically I very much enjoy the design, and the creative team attached is one that looks promising. We need a non grim & gritty Batbook.

But, really, nothing could get me excited for Barbara as Batgirl anymore. And that’s sad in and of itself, because I certainly do have a lot of affection for Barbara and even pre-Oracle Barbara!Batgirl.

But that’s just the thing. I liked her as Batgirl as an evolution of her character. And, to be honest, the last couple of years of Barbara’s time as Oracle experienced a shift in her characterization I wasn’t happy with either. It seems, more and more, Barbara is losing her focus on what inspired her to become Batgirl to begin with, which was one of the more unique reasons for any of the Bat Family to join the cause: she believed in the law and her time as Batgirl was always at a period where she wanted to do more but couldn’t join law enforcement yet — either because she was a congresswoman who was using Batgirl as a way to help law enforcement on the side, or as a student still taking classes and achieving her law & criminology degrees but wanting to help now.

I have no idea why Barbara is Batgirl now instead of a police officer.

But other than that… I find the entire way that unveiling was underhanded and cheap. They keep abusing Cass fans’ trust and I just don’t have any trust to give anymore because you can’t convince me that the leaks insinuating an announcement about Cass weren’t on purpose. They’re literally playing keep away now and I think that’s very disappointing.

Not to mention that they’re modeling a lot of this hype after the successful relaunch of Ms. Marvel — holding interviews with news organizations, pulling lots of reassurance that this is a book for women and teens.

Except let’s compare this for a moment:

Ms. Marvel had all this support and extra coverage to levy more support to a teen-oriented book featuring a woman of color and an artistic new direction for the Marvel line.

Batgirl isn’t even a title relaunch, and it not only features a white girl, but is also the product of erasure of a woman of color in comics and two representations of women with disabilities being superheroes.

And DC has no room to brag about new costumes — no matter how much I like the looks — when it is given to a character already featured in a great costume for women, and they’re completely unwilling to fix the other, much worse costumes they have women in right now.

Jul 30

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Jul 28

my girl


my girl

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Anonymous said: What do you think of the new reboot of Batgirl? Not the Simone one.


I’ll be honest with you, anon, I was already coming into the news of the “reboot” of Batgirl with about as little emotional investment in the title of Batgirl and the character of Barbara Gordon as I have ever had in my entire life. The past three years has really brought me to an unhappy place with two of my former loves, and I find that a sad number on its own.

I think it’s really a sham that everyone keeps calling it a reboot? It’s just a creative team change (they’re not even “restarting” the numbering) — which is huge, but you don’t see the same bombast about the creative team exchange with Wonder Woman or Detective Comics or even the the power houses taking over Superman right now. And while it’s possible that it’s because those titles are still being marketed the same while Batgirl has — shockingly after three years of rebooting the title to begin with — decided to target demographics most likely to be interested in a Batgirl book, at the end of the day it’s about the same level of excitement as any other creative change.

Really, I think the only reason DC is making it such a “huge deal” is to cover up another possible fan outcry considering that Simone is leaving the book due to creative interference by editors. Which literally makes this creative team change up — to me — on the same level of scrutiny and side eying as the Batwoman kerfuffle among other creator walk offs (George freaking Pérez being pretty high on that list all things considering).

The costume’s cute, but Barbara looks to be about 12, and is acting pretty much exactly like one in everything I’ve seen so far. Which is completely alienating to me because the exact reason I like Barbara Gordon (as Batgirl and as Oracle) is because she’s never been the now-traditional age of most female superheroes. She’s always been older than her other “teen” peers and wiser beyond even that age due to the circumstances of her growing up.

That seems it would be even more relevant considering it’s now canon that she’s had a serial killer for a brother making her younger years very unsettling.

And while the costume’s cute, I don’t get everyone patting DC on the back (including the creative team themselves) for designing a “practical Batgirl costume”??? Other than some questionable choices in Elseworlds and statues (looking at you Ame-Comi and Bombshells) which were obviously pervy for the creators, when has Barbara or any other Batgirl been in a truly questionable costume? Ever? Like, yeah, I hate superheroes in heels, but Terry McGinnis has those and he pretty much only uses kicks. And Babs lost those relatively quick her years as Batgirl. So I just don’t get the celebration going on. At all. They’re putting practical clothes on one of the 10 superhero women in their lineup that already had them. Yay?

I try to understand the excitement around the announcement, but I don’t really understand it, to be frank. And while I won’t be buying the “new” Batgirl this fall, it’s not exactly as if I hadn’t given up on Barbara’s Batgirl around issue #15 anyway.

#i like the costume; problem is it’s really a ‘batgirl: year one’ costume#the costume of a young babs diving headfirst into the world of vigilantism#with none of the extensive resources of bruce wayne#forced to get creative with the few resources she has#if this was an ACTUAL reboot#a comic that took babs back to the first time she donned the costume#i’d be into it#(though not without misgivings#because while i like young babs i’m also endlessly pissed off at dc for not allowing the character to grow up#for regressing her to batgirl after she’d become the powerful and influential oracle#and in doing so taking away from us one of the few prominent disabled heroines)#but this isn’t year one babs#this is a hardened seasoned babs#a batgirl who’s been shot and seriously injured#who’s suffered spinal trauma and ptsd#who’s faced off against countless horrors including a serial killer brother#and as much as dislike this version of babs and want it to go away#if you’re writing *that* babs it makes no sense for her to trade in body armour#for a leather jacket and a cute clip-on cape#no sense at all

Jul 26

Bat Girl:
Stephanie Brown
Cassandra Cain
Barbara Gordon


Bat Girl:

Stephanie Brown

Cassandra Cain

Barbara Gordon

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Jul 25
"I am an inferno, I am a tempest. I am venom and fangs and claws. I am lightning and starlight, and I am hell in high heels."

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