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Apr 24


apparently, I only have two photos taken with my camera that I like of my New 52 Spoiler costume, so here they are!

Apr 23

Oh no! I’m going to spoil his puzzle night with his loser friends.

Apr 21


Butt-kickin’ chippie dressed all in purple. Mask. Cape. Alla that.

Apr 20


Robin 088 (2014)

Apr 19


I’m not sure why this Stephanie the teenage vigilante thing is such a kick. But I can’t stay away from it. Maybe I’m making up for my dad being the Cluemaster. Or maybe I just like THE RUSH

(via hellyeahteensuperheroes)

Apr 10

Preview of Batman Eternal 3 is up and it has SPOILERs

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Apr 3


Theses heroes and thieves at my door;

and I can’t seem to tell them apart anymore…


Mar 31


Spoilers! (And Tim)

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