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Apr 19


I’m not sure why this Stephanie the teenage vigilante thing is such a kick. But I can’t stay away from it. Maybe I’m making up for my dad being the Cluemaster. Or maybe I just like THE RUSH

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Apr 10

Preview of Batman Eternal 3 is up and it has SPOILERs

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Apr 3


Theses heroes and thieves at my door;

and I can’t seem to tell them apart anymore…


Mar 31


Spoilers! (And Tim)

Mar 24

from Robin #50


from Robin #50

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Mar 21


Batgirl (2000-2006) #54

"I want to thank you for your friendship, Cassie. And I want you to know that whatever he says, I’m not going to give up. Fighting crime, I mean… I’ll show him — I’ll show them all…”

You know.

Because this issue hadn’t had enough emotional calamity at once. We’ll just add this.

But, god, their friendship is just so glorious. Cass is the person that Steph goes to, the only one. And that says a lot, I think.

Mar 20

Stephanie Brown ➞ By Marcio Takara |

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Mar 17

Shhhhhh…….Don’t tell them.
Should be working now :P


Shhhhhh…….Don’t tell them.

Should be working now :P

Mar 15


no but imagine Spoiler becoming a legacy

a legacy of hard work and brutal doubt and fighting for yourself and rising above origins 

a legacy of laughing at pain and smiling even though it hurts and not taking shit and never giving up 

a legacy of second chances and finding hope and beauty in the worst of the world

a legacy born of little girls in Crime Alley who want to make a difference and of children who are rough around the edges, and who aren’t as skilled as the others maybe, but they never give up

a legacy of eggplant capes and bricks, of bad puns and silly jokes

imagine Steph, retired, making waffles for her younger counterparts, silver in her hair and her face covered in laugh lines, telling them about her adventures, while all of the younger Spoilers grin at her and eat their waffles and pass each other the maple syrup. 

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